Midtown Madness

firestorm-2.jpg I worked a trade at Station 4 on the 4th of January. Needless to say, we got hammered. I thought Station 10 was busy…Let’s see, we did rookie testing from 9:30am to 6pm. During that time, the rest of the city had 2 structure fires. Imagine that.

Oh yeah, safety tip of the day, don’t refuel your pocket motorcycle in your living room and then place the open gas can in the kitchen where the fumes could ignite from the oven pilot light.

Got back to the Station where we quickly inhaled some pizza before the storm hit, and I’m not talking about the rain, even though that contributed to some of the madness. Let’s see, we assisted Engine 1 on a double shooting then as soon as we cleared that call, went to a stabbing 2 blocks away. It was pretty much non-stop after that. We ended up with about 10 calls from about 7pm to 5am. Gotta love the ‘Midwtown Madness’.

Stay tuned for a recap of some of last years best rescue calls.

Cheese from Berdoo

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  1. Hey Cheeseman,

    Good job! This is the type of stuff that we need. You and I both know how busy we reaaly are but I don’t think that others believe it. The stats speak for themselves. Sure you don”t want to put a bid into the “House of Pain”?

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