Late Night House Fire – Vegas

lvfr-r4e4.jpg Last night Close to midnight we were dispatched to N. Bruce St. (Bruce/Fremont)for a structure fire. Our dispatch informed us that they had receiving several reports that a house was fully involved with fire. When we arrived on scene, heavy flames were showing from a one story wood frame/stucco house.
We went to work quickly to bring the fire under control and make sure it did not extend to nearby buildings. The fire gutted the interior of the house and did some damage to the outside of the house also. All of the contents of the house were either destroyed or damaged by the fire.

A man lived alone in the house. He told our fire investigators that he was using a candle in the home because his electricity was off. The candle was next to the bed and caught it on fire. He tried to put the fire out, but it grew out of control. The man has several dogs staying in the house and told us that he tried to get them all to leave, but one dog did not make it out and died on scene (too far gone to do one of those heart warming o2 administration shots).

It was ruled accidental of course, but what a tuff lesson on candle safety.

As we roll out on all these different medical aids, I often like to point out things to people if I see them doing anything dangerous. I’ve seen several people warming their houses or apartments this winter with their oven burners on. Bad news. I hope you other guys out there are doing the same.

Stay safe. “Live” from Las Vegas – Caz

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3 thoughts on “Late Night House Fire – Vegas”

  1. Most people who leave their stoves on to warm up are not thinking about the fire danger OR the CO. I have seen this same scenario many times too Caz. I always do the same and point it out to them. But I go OFF especially if they have kids in the house.

  2. I’ve seen that stove warming thing a ton over the last 10 years. I think that we don’t do enough to get the word out to people as public safety announcements before winter. Hmmm. Maybe I should do that for Berdoo next year before winter comes.

  3. Great story!
    I agree, we should take a more proactive approach in these matters and educate our customers in the dangers of unattended candles and the use of stoves to heat their homes. Any suggestions?

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