SBFD Confined Space Training Drill

First-Hand Account

SBFD Rescue 230 On the evening of February 12th, 15 members from SBFD specializing in Confined Space Ops simulated a ‘kid down in a storm drain’. Normally we run our drills during the day but we chose to do it at night this time to change it up a little. It added a little more work dealing with lighting and also vehicle and spectator traffic was a little higher making it even that much more realistic. We had an 8 foot drop into a small vault which had a horizontal pipe that went about 100 feet to another small vault/storm drain.
We placed a victim in the horizontal pipe at the small/vault and myself and PM/FF Steve Brown were lowered into the other vault via the tripod wearing full confined space gear and supplied air/communications lines. PM/FF Brown crawled the 100 feet to the victim and placed him on a ‘half-sked’. He then attached a 2:1 rope bag system that I was anchoring in the vault and I proceeded to haul the patient back to the main vault I was in. We then placed the victim on a special backboard/harness called an LSP halfback. It’s like a ked but is rated for vertical lifting using a spreader bar. We then vertically lifted the patient via the tripod.

The operation from entry to exit lasted 38 minutes. Follow links below for artical and pictures in the local paper.

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FF Arvizo

SBFD USAR Station 10

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