San Bernardino Firefighters Battle Motel Blaze

First-Hand Account

Submitted by Ben Alexander

Photo By Ben Alexander

On February 24th units from the San Bernardino City Fire Department responded to a multiple alarm fire located in a downtown motel. Initial arriving units encountered heavy smoke and fire conditions coming from two motel rooms located on the second floor of the 2 story motel. An aggressive interior attack was initiated simultaneously with vertical ventilation.

“We knocked the fire down very quickly and a search of the motel rooms was completed with no one found”. “This was our second working structure fire for the shift… It’s good to be back at station 222!”

One thought on “San Bernardino Firefighters Battle Motel Blaze”

  1. JB on E1 did a bad ass job at putting both of the fires out before the second hand line made its way up stairs. Good job bro. And for T1, everything went so smooth it was awesome. Kuhn placed the aerial perfectly, Horn and I cut 3 big heat holes before T4 got up there, and then we cut a trench together. Good working hand and hand with the other Truck. The fire went out so fast. It was a fun little burner.

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