Overheated dishwasher causes fire in Hotel Zoso kitchen

Sprinklers put out a fire in a basement kitchen at Hotel Zoso early Wednesday morning, Palm Springs fire officials said.

Firefighters were called to the hotel, located at 150 S. Indian Canyon Drive, at 4:52 a.m. after a conveyor dishwasher overheated and burned some plastic trays, Battalion Chief Jon Merriam said.

“It had been left on after the kitchen staff left, and it overheated and ignited,” he said.

The fire activated two sprinkler heads, which extinguished the fire before crews arrived, Merriam added.

Firefighters shut down the sprinklers and ventilated the kitchen to remove smoke, he said.

No kitchen or maintenance staff were in the area when the fire started, and no one was injured, Merriam said.

He added that no one was evacuated from the hotel because the fire was contained to the kitchen area, which is fairly isolated.

Merriam estimated that the fire caused $10,000 of damage to the dishwasher, and there was also some ceiling damage and water damage that resulted from the extinguishing of the fire.

“The main damage was to the dishwasher itself,” he said. “It was a pretty expensive commercial dishwasher.”

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