Las Vegas Fire

Cause of incident: Witnesses say they thought a bar-be-cue was burning behind the house at 1412 Maenpah Way. When they looked over the fence, they saw pine needles on the ground burning.

One neighbor got his garden hose and started to spray water on the burning pine needles on the ground, but the fire spread rapidly to a large pine tree in the yard and started to burn fiercely, then it extended to a utility pole. The neighbor said the fire got too hot and he evacuated the four other members of his family out of the house at 1413 Mezpah Way.

His house had light damage. Two adults next door at 1417 Mezpah Way thought it was a bar-be-cue burning also, when they looked out the window of their home, they saw the fire racing up the tree to the utility pole. Suddenly the fuse on the pole burned out (what is required to do in an emergency) shutting off power to the four homes.

The occupants said the electricity went out and they left as a neighbor banged on their front door and told them to leave, their house was on fire. The house at 1417 Mezpah Way had moderate damage.

The only occupants of both houses on Maenpah Way were not home, both were at work and came home after neighbors and relatives called them and told them their houses were on fire. The house at 1412 Maenpah Way (where the fire started) had extensive damage to the interior of the homes. A dog that was alone at home at the time of the fire died during the fire.

There were no reported injuries.

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