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Las Vegas Graduates 16 New Fire Recruits

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Sixteen firefighter recruits, who have completed intensive training over the past several weeks, will graduate Thursday afternoon.  They will be assigned to various city fire stations to help strengthen the number of firefighters in the city of Las Vegas.

        The recruits started training in October of 2007 and when they graduate their certifications will include the Nevada State Fire Marshal Firefighter two certification, State of Nevada Emergency Medical Technician – Intermediate and Hazardous Materials Operations certification. 

 WC911: Congratulations to the new rookies!

Firefighters Mitigate Industrial Accident – Las Vegas

First-Hand Account

Submitted by Firefighter Shaffer, Las Vegas Fire and Rescue

 Las Vegas Eng. 10   Today while riding Engine 10 in the Naked City of Las Vegas, we ran an interesting call. The Rescue was dispatched to the Fountainebleau construction site for an industrial accident. Based on the notes of the call, we backed them up. The notes indicated that the pt had either a leg injury or an arm injury. Upon arrival, we discovered that he had both. Continue reading Firefighters Mitigate Industrial Accident – Las Vegas

A Rookie’s Day at The “Big House” – LVFD

First-Hand Account

Here is a funny story submitted by a rookie with Las Vegas Fire and Rescue….

No one said that being a rookie was easy, but in the end, we all know it’s well worth it.

lvfdrookie1.jpg lvfdrookie.jpg LVFD at the Monte Carlo

The other morning, two of us rookies showed up for work at beautiful station 1 at 6:25am. One of us rookies is, and has been, stationed here at 1’s, while the other was working an overtime shift, and was from a different station.

Straight after morning muster, we starting doing training drills, including: pulling 250′ attack lines, 5″ supply lines, 2-1/2″ pre-connect, and setting up auto extrication. (All of our drills for the day were done in full turnouts with SCBA) We were then interrupted by a
couple EMS calls.

We came back after running a few calls, and went over to an abandoned building. After simulating a fire attack with a 250′ pre-connect, we began pulling drop ceiling with our axes and first, and then with a pike pole or rubbish hook. After completing approx. 500 square feet of ceiling pull, we were dispatched to a multiple-alarm fire at the Monte Carlo. Both of us at this time were assigned to Truck 1. Continue reading A Rookie’s Day at The “Big House” – LVFD

Monte Carlo Hotel/Casino Fire – Las Vegas

First-Hand Account

montecarlo1.jpg montecarlofire.jpg montecarlo2.jpg LVFD at the Monte Carlo montecarlo.jpg

Today there was a major alarm fire in Las Vegas at the Monte Carlo Casino on the strip. This area of the strip in covered by the Clark County Fire Department, but Engine 1 and Ladder 1 and several other LVFD units rolled to the scene to help. Today was my day on the Truck but I switched out with a rookie so he could get some training hours in. I hope the rookie pukes had fun while I cooked them lunch!

We have been getting great feed back from people all over the country about what a great job our departments did. There were even a few FDNY guys watching that paid some great compliments.

The fire, which was reported around 11 a.m., spread from the center section of the hotel across the roof before appearing to ease about an hour later. Fiery debris fell to the street below, and orange flames lapped at the casino’s script sign. Huge crowds formed to watch the fire, and traffic on the Las Vegas Strip was gridlocked as streets were blocked off around the hotel.

Submitted by “Caz” – Las Vegas Fire and Rescue

LIVE Las Vegas Scanner

Man Pulled From Burning Apartment, 4 People Injured – Las Vegas

First-Hand Account

aptfire.jpg lv1-16-08.jpg I was on Engine 1, we were the second engine on scene. We were down a man/paramedic due to PALS and ACLS update. I took a line off engine 4 and went to the upstairs apt and kicked ass. It was a 2 bottle fire. During overhaul, black smoke started coming from the roof. Truck 4 went back to the roof and noticed there was a “sub-roof”. This is pretty common in the downtown area and older remodeled construction. We opened it up and finished it off.

Four people were injured after their east side apartment building caught fire early Wednesday afternoon. Two of those people were taken to the hospital. One of the occupants was pulled from their burning apartment by neighbors. The American Red Cross and apartment management is assisting 12 people who will be displaced by the fire.

Watch the news coverage. Here is more from LVFD PIO Timothy Szymanski Continue reading Man Pulled From Burning Apartment, 4 People Injured – Las Vegas

Late Night House Fire – Vegas

lvfr-r4e4.jpg Last night Close to midnight we were dispatched to N. Bruce St. (Bruce/Fremont)for a structure fire. Our dispatch informed us that they had receiving several reports that a house was fully involved with fire. When we arrived on scene, heavy flames were showing from a one story wood frame/stucco house.
We went to work quickly to bring the fire under control and make sure it did not extend to nearby buildings. The fire gutted the interior of the house and did some damage to the outside of the house also. All of the contents of the house were either destroyed or damaged by the fire.

A man lived alone in the house. He told our fire investigators that he was using a candle in the home because his electricity was off. The candle was next to the bed and caught it on fire. He tried to put the fire out, but it grew out of control. The man has several dogs staying in the house and told us that he tried to get them all to leave, but one dog did not make it out and died on scene (too far gone to do one of those heart warming o2 administration shots).

It was ruled accidental of course, but what a tuff lesson on candle safety.

As we roll out on all these different medical aids, I often like to point out things to people if I see them doing anything dangerous. I’ve seen several people warming their houses or apartments this winter with their oven burners on. Bad news. I hope you other guys out there are doing the same.

Stay safe. “Live” from Las Vegas – Caz

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Las Vegas Fire and Rescue – Recap for 2007

I know that it is already 5 days into the New Year, but I wanted to represent the LVFD for a year end recap. We had a ton of crazy calls, and I’ve intentionally forgotten about more 911 drama than I can remember. Having a new baby this year and being assigned at one of the busiest stations in the country hasn’t helped the bags under my eyes, but I wouldn’t trade any of it for the world. I feel so fortunate to have two great families. You gotta be one screwed up dude not to love this job. Just in case you ever want to check, you can see up to the minute calls we are responding to at the “Alarm Office”.

x-mr-1.jpg lg2z0574.jpg lg2z1009.jpg sonios-hr44.jpg lg2z0693.jpg upstairs-condo-fully-involved.jpg

I’d have to say it was a great year for our department. We continue to expand with both stations and staffing. By the way, in case you haven’t heard, we’re starting of the year with a new Fire Chief. Greg Gammon has been named to succeed retired chief David Washington. Gammon is a 23-year veteran of the department, and he’s the Las Vegas representative on the state’s homeland security commission. I hear that the final word is going to be given on January 9. I can’t believe that we’re doing another recruitment for Las Vegas firefighters this month. I’m starting to feel like an old guy. Operationally, things are going well, and I’d like to consider ourselves pretty progressive in our fire-ground operations and training. This is a never ending learning experience for all of us in the fire service world……..So to all my brethren out there……. Work hard, train hard and have a great 2008! Enjoy these pics from a few 2007 incidents here in “sin city”. LVFD logo

The “Caz” – Las Vegas Fire and Rescue