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Why Did You Cut My Roof!

Do the job of firefighting long enough and eventually you will be posed with the question, “Why did you have to cut a hole in my roof?”

This question will probably be delivered to you by an agitated citizen that does not understand the fundamentals of what we in this career field do to mitigate a fire in their home. Most of them don’t have the concepts of fire behavior, fire attack strategies, tactics or many other fundamentals entrenched into their brain the way fire service professionals do. Therefor, it is up to each individual department to be proactive in the area of educating the public.

In California, San Bernardino County Firefighters have been working on developing a series of videos to educate citizens proactively. The following video is an example of taking such a stance to educate the tax-payer and also provides a training tool for enhancement at the firefighter level.


Inside the CP #11 – SBFD

A look Inside the Command Post SBFD Company and Chief Officers arriving on scene and their Size-Up process. This video clip shows the importance of matching the strategic mode with the “standardized principles of risk” This is a two story 4-unit apartment building that is vacant & abandoned. The IC does a good job of making sure that when there is nothing to save then nothing will be risked. This is not always so easy, because as firefighters we often get used to an aggressive interior fire attack. It is imperative to really look at the building construction, fire involvement and the condition of the structure before deploying resources to the interior of a building that is already lost.


A look at the first arriving company and chief officers as they arrive on scene, give their size-up, perfrom a dynamic risk assessment of the situation, start developing an IAP and building the IC system. This video shows a working commercial fire as well as three apartment fires, one of which is vacant and abandoned.

Hope you enjoyed the video and please fell free to give us your thoughts and comments below.

Featured Video of The Week – Long Beach FD

This week’s featured video is of an unusual rescue last year by the hard working men and women of the Long Beach Fire Department. Here they are performing a technical rescue of trapped tree trimmer. Thanks goes to member toastt21.