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SBFD In Action: Communication and a Common Philosophy

Here is a look at the San Bernardino City Fire Department in action. This video clip was used as a part of a department wide training program to develop a better working relationship between Company & Chief Officers. It is really important for Chief Officers to never forget where they came from and to be reminded of the difficulties that companies are faced with out on the fire ground. It is equally as important for the Company Officers to have an understanding of what goes on “Inside the Command Post. The goal of the training was to develop that much needed communication and common philosophy out on the fire ground and throughout the entire fire department. This has been a work in progress and will never really have a completion date. Older firefighters retire and go out the back door and the rookies continue to come through the front door. The goal is to help and properly develop the right mindset before one makes it to the rank of company or chief officer. Hope you enjoy it!

Inside the CP #11 – SBFD

A look Inside the Command Post SBFD Company and Chief Officers arriving on scene and their Size-Up process. This video clip shows the importance of matching the strategic mode with the “standardized principles of risk” This is a two story 4-unit apartment building that is vacant & abandoned. The IC does a good job of making sure that when there is nothing to save then nothing will be risked. This is not always so easy, because as firefighters we often get used to an aggressive interior fire attack. It is imperative to really look at the building construction, fire involvement and the condition of the structure before deploying resources to the interior of a building that is already lost.