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Firefighting Fee Criticized As New Tax – Riverside County/S.D.

firestorm-2.jpg As far as some conservatives and taxpayer watchdogs in San Diego and Riverside counties are concerned, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger crossed the line Thursday when he proposed a 1.25 percent fee on home and business owners’ insurance premiums to fund firefighting efforts. “They can play the semantics game all they want,” said Scott Barnett, a former Del Mar councilman and president of “But the governor should stop playing games. He is clearly reneging on his pledge not to raise taxes.” Continue reading Firefighting Fee Criticized As New Tax – Riverside County/S.D.

4 Firefighters Injured In NoHo Building Fire

lafdnoho1708.jpg Firefighters from the LAFD were sent to the 5300 block of North Lankershim Boulevard about 7:15 a.m. found flames burning between floors and in the attic area.

About 8 a.m., firefighters determined that it was too dangerous to battle the flames from inside the building and went into a “defensive mode” outside the structure, Myers said, but they re-entered the building around 8:30 am. Four firefighters from the LAFD suffered minor smoke inhalation and were transported for hospital treatment, as was another person, who suffered minor smoke inhalation and burns. ( See News VIDEO

Swiftwater Rescue in Chino

swiftwaterrescue.jpg Be sure that your swiftwater euipment and tennis shoes are on the rigs! The rain increases the chances of getting involved with a swiftwater rescue because of people underestimating the power of water flow. One occured yesterday in Chino. Racing floodwaters on Saturday swept a pickup into the Mill Creek wash in Chino, killing the female driver trapped inside while a male passenger escaped and clung to a tree until he was rescued.

It all was get caught on video by Casper news…….

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