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Firefighter Forced to Perform Ladder Bail

Heather Mancini / Staff photo / ladderbailout

PEABODY — A veteran firefighter struggling to breathe bailed out of a smoke-filled apartment building yesterday by escaping headfirst down a ladder.

Firefighter Steve Franzosa was working on the three-alarm blaze at 36 Keys Drive — in the sprawling Essex Place apartment complex near the Northshore Mall — when he stuck his head out a second-floor window calling for help. Several onlookers, fire officials from area departments, scrambled to move a nearby extension ladder to Franzosa’s window. WATCH VIDEO OF Firefighter Franoza’s LADDER BAIL

The firefighter left the scene on a stretcher and was transported to Lahey Clinic. He was treated and released, Lahey spokesman Scott Hartman said yesterday. The fire, which started shortly after 1 p.m., smoldered in the walls and ceiling of the 12-apartment structure and proved difficult for firefighters to stamp out, said fire Capt. Jay Dowling.

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Here is another video of a Ladder bail incident that occurred in Minneapolis last year:

Source: Salemnews.com