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Larkspur firefighters aid relief efforts in Haiti

Everybody needed help in Haiti, but patients such as the 12-year-old who was pinned under rubble for three days will be impossible for a Larkspur firefighter to forget.

The little girl’s arms were bandaged nearly to the shoulders. Her face was scarred as if she’d been raked with a cheese grater – wounds, one doctor said, that came from rats she could not fend off because her arms were pinned beneath the debris.

“That girl definitely sticks with you – she’ll stick with you forever,” said Larkspur fire Capt. Matt Cobb, who said, despite her ordeal, she was “quick to smile.” Continue reading Larkspur firefighters aid relief efforts in Haiti

Firefighters and police to raise funds for Haiti relief

Local firefighters and police officers are joining forces this Saturday to raise funds to benefit victims of the earthquake in Haiti.

Public safety officials will be on hand during the donation event at Earl Warren Showgrounds from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. All proceeds will be split evenly between two local groups — Hands4Others and Youth for DRI.

Direct Relief International has responded to the humanitarian crisis in Haiti with medical supplies and medication, in addition to developing plans for long-term needs such as prosthetic limbs. Continue reading Firefighters and police to raise funds for Haiti relief

Rocklin firefighter returns from Haiti after 10 days of volunteering

ROCKLIN, CA — Zachary Smith, a Rocklin firefighter paramedic, returned Sunday from ten days of volunteer service in Haiti with Team Rubicon.

Team Rubicon is a self-financed, all-volunteer, rapid response, medical rescue team.

The former Marines, soldiers, firefighters/EMTs, medics, and nurses of Team Rubicon are all unpaid. The group of selfless volunteers from all over the country organized themselves within hours to give immediate response to the injured in Haiti before the Red Cross and military could arrive with help. Continue reading Rocklin firefighter returns from Haiti after 10 days of volunteering

County fire team returns from Haiti

Los Angeles County firefighters that helped rescue earthquake victims in Haiti returned today, officials said.

A 72-member Urban Search and Rescue team spent 14 days in Haiti helping U.S. federal rescue efforts, the fire department said in a statement today.

A 7.0-magnitude earthquake rocked the Caribbean country on Jan. 12, killing as many as 170,000 people and leaving more than a million people homeless, according to reports.

Story by pasadenastarnews.com

Fresno Firefighters Head to Haiti

Captain Brian Price of the Fresno Fire Department says, “One of the unique things about firefighters, we may not be the best at anything, but we’re pretty good at just about anything.”

A good quality among men headed to utter devastation in Haiti.

“We’re not going with any set agendas, like we have to be the one’s escorting the baby out of the deal. What we are, we’re servants. We want to be used. If that be passing out diapers or shoveling dirt- that’s awesome. We want to be used in any way we can,” he adds. Continue reading Fresno Firefighters Head to Haiti