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A Rookie’s Day at The “Big House” – LVFD

First-Hand Account

Here is a funny story submitted by a rookie with Las Vegas Fire and Rescue….

No one said that being a rookie was easy, but in the end, we all know it’s well worth it.

lvfdrookie1.jpg lvfdrookie.jpg LVFD at the Monte Carlo

The other morning, two of us rookies showed up for work at beautiful station 1 at 6:25am. One of us rookies is, and has been, stationed here at 1’s, while the other was working an overtime shift, and was from a different station.

Straight after morning muster, we starting doing training drills, including: pulling 250′ attack lines, 5″ supply lines, 2-1/2″ pre-connect, and setting up auto extrication. (All of our drills for the day were done in full turnouts with SCBA) We were then interrupted by a
couple EMS calls.

We came back after running a few calls, and went over to an abandoned building. After simulating a fire attack with a 250′ pre-connect, we began pulling drop ceiling with our axes and first, and then with a pike pole or rubbish hook. After completing approx. 500 square feet of ceiling pull, we were dispatched to a multiple-alarm fire at the Monte Carlo. Both of us at this time were assigned to Truck 1. Continue reading A Rookie’s Day at The “Big House” – LVFD

2 Alarm Fire in A Shopping Center – Las Vegas

station5.jpg lvfdeng5.jpg A fire in a shopping center on West Sahara Avenue late Sunday morning has been ruled accidental by Las Vegas fire investigators. There were no injuries in connection with the incident.

On Sunday January 27, Fire dispatchers received numerous calls at 8:50 a.m. that smoke was coming from the ZIA Record store located in the Westlake Center shopping complex at 4503 W. Sahara. Engine 5’s first due.

When firefighters arrived, smoke and flames were seen on the roof of the one-story brick building. Firefighters had to force entry into the store, which is currently under renovation. Complex management told investigators that the business, which was
once a bike and ski shop, has been vacant for approximately six months and was being renovated into a record shop. No one was in the store at the time of the fire. It was closed and locked.

Fire investigators estimated damage at $30,000. Damage was confined to the roof area and a small attic space over the main floor. There was light smoke throughout the business.
Continue reading 2 Alarm Fire in A Shopping Center – Las Vegas

Man Pulled From Burning Apartment, 4 People Injured – Las Vegas

First-Hand Account

aptfire.jpg lv1-16-08.jpg I was on Engine 1, we were the second engine on scene. We were down a man/paramedic due to PALS and ACLS update. I took a line off engine 4 and went to the upstairs apt and kicked ass. It was a 2 bottle fire. During overhaul, black smoke started coming from the roof. Truck 4 went back to the roof and noticed there was a “sub-roof”. This is pretty common in the downtown area and older remodeled construction. We opened it up and finished it off.

Four people were injured after their east side apartment building caught fire early Wednesday afternoon. Two of those people were taken to the hospital. One of the occupants was pulled from their burning apartment by neighbors. The American Red Cross and apartment management is assisting 12 people who will be displaced by the fire.

Watch the news coverage. Here is more from LVFD PIO Timothy Szymanski Continue reading Man Pulled From Burning Apartment, 4 People Injured – Las Vegas

2-Alarm Fire At The Lakes Does Major Damage – Vegas

lvfr-r4e4.jpg A large house located at The Lakes on the west side of the city was damaged by fire Tuesday morning. This is the second time the house has caught on fire in the last two years. The cause of both fires has been ruled accidental, faulty wiring is believed to be the cause. No one was injured during the incident.

Fire dispatchers received numerous calls at 9:09 a.m. that a house in the Northshore Estates of The Lakes had smoke coming from the roof. At the same time, the four people who were inside the house were
unaware of the fire until a minute later when heavy smoke and flames started coming out and around a light fixture in the ceiling of the 7,000 square foot home. The man and woman who live in the house and two
housekeepers escaped without injury. Continue reading 2-Alarm Fire At The Lakes Does Major Damage – Vegas