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New Las Vegas Fire & Rescue Chief Sworn In

During this morning’s Las Vegas City Council meeting, Mike Myers was officially sworn in as the new chief of the Las Vegas Fire & Rescue Department. Mayor Oscar B. Goodman also pinned on his badge, while family and friends looked on. Myers replaces Chief Greg Gammon, who retired from the department earlier this month.

As fire chief, Myers will oversee 18 fire stations and more than 650 employees, who provide fire suppression, emergency medical services, hazardous materials incidents, bomb squad and fire investigations, technical rescue operations, fire prevention and life safety education, and staff the 9-1-1 fire & EMS call center. Continue reading New Las Vegas Fire & Rescue Chief Sworn In

Fatal Fire Remains Under Investigation

A fire in a northwest Las Vegas home where a young woman was found dead lying on the floor at the front door of the house remains under investigation. The cause of the fire is undetermined.

Las Vegas Fire & Rescue responded to 7321 Backstretch Avenue at 2:56 p.m. Monday for a medical emergency, possibly someone in cardiac arrest. When firefighters arrived on scene they found a woman, in her 20’s, lying on the floor in the living room at the front door. The woman, as well as the rest of the house, was covered with thick black smoke and soot, firefighters called for a full first alarm assignment for a fire in a house. Continue reading Fatal Fire Remains Under Investigation

Ambulance Companies & Firefighters Battle Over Services

An adrenaline-pumped race against time through the traffic-clogged streets of southern Nevada. A typical firefighter makes this life or death dash as many as 15 times a day, every day. The stakes are as high as they get.

Eighty percent of the calls have nothing to do with fires. They are rescues and medical emergencies. Firefighters generally arrive at the scene within four to six minutes of getting the call. They decide whether to transport the person to a hospital or turn them over to the private ambulance service that usually arrives minutes later. In the field, there is no rivalry. The public and private crews work together to save lives. At a higher level, however, it’s us versus them. Continue reading Ambulance Companies & Firefighters Battle Over Services

Woman Pulled From Burning Apartment

Fire dispatchers received numerous calls that smoke was coming from an upstairs apartment at the Sherman Garden Apartments which is a city of Las Vegas Housing Authority complex.

Heavy smoke was showing from the upstairs apartment when firefighters arrived. Firefighters evacuated the entire building which consisted of 12 units. Firefighters found a rear bedroom fully involved with fire, the rest of the apartment was full of thick black smoke. Firefighters had the fire out in less than four minutes.

As firefighters searched the apartment, a woman, who appeared to be in her 20’s, was found in the apartment. She was not breathing and did not have a heartbeat. Firefighters began CPR after she was taken out of the apartment. Continue reading Woman Pulled From Burning Apartment

House Fire Sends One Person To Hospital

No one was in the house when the fire started; one of the teens that lives in the house was down the street when a neighbor asked if he had a bar-be-cue burning behind his house.

He told them he was not using the bar-be-cue and ran home to find smoke coming from rear of house. He ran into the house and to his bedroom where he noticed smoke coming out around the bedroom door.

When he opened the door, the fire flashed singing his hair. He was taken to the hospital with minor smoke inhalation and to be checked out.

The teen told fire investigators that he had several electronic devices in his room such as TV, stereo, satellite receiver and electronic game systems. They were in the area where the fire started.

Fire station on donated land brings teaching opportunities

Two years ago, Las Vegas city councilwoman Lois Tarkanian approached officials from the College of Southern Nevada with an innovative idea to build a new fire station.

If CSN donated land near its Charleston Campus, the city would build a new fire station and include classroom space for CSN students, especially targeting those in the fire science program.

“All it is is common sense,” Tarkanian said, referring to the coming-together of public entities to solve common problems.

On Monday, Tarkanian joined several other city, state and education officials, along with Las Vegas Fire and Rescue members, to mark the grand opening of Fire Station 6. Continue reading Fire station on donated land brings teaching opportunities

Vehicle Fire Under Investigation LVFD

One engine responded to a report of a vehicle on fire in a driveway. When unit arrived on scene, truck was fully involved with fire touching the house at the garage, additional unit was requested.

When second engine arrived on scene, loud banging/popping noises could be heard coming from inside the garage. This is commonly heard as household items, such as aerosol cans, explode during a fire. Firefighters forced entry into the garage through the garage door to make sure fire did not extend into the house or attic.

When firefighters entered the house from the garage to search for any occupants, the body of a deceased male was found on the living room floor. Additional units were dispatched to the scene. No one else was not found in the house during the search. Continue reading Vehicle Fire Under Investigation LVFD

Las Vegas Fire

Cause of incident: Witnesses say they thought a bar-be-cue was burning behind the house at 1412 Maenpah Way. When they looked over the fence, they saw pine needles on the ground burning.

One neighbor got his garden hose and started to spray water on the burning pine needles on the ground, but the fire spread rapidly to a large pine tree in the yard and started to burn fiercely, then it extended to a utility pole. The neighbor said the fire got too hot and he evacuated the four other members of his family out of the house at 1413 Mezpah Way.

His house had light damage. Two adults next door at 1417 Mezpah Way thought it was a bar-be-cue burning also, when they looked out the window of their home, they saw the fire racing up the tree to the utility pole. Suddenly the fuse on the pole burned out (what is required to do in an emergency) shutting off power to the four homes. Continue reading Las Vegas Fire

Two People Hurt During Downtown Two Alarm Explosion and Fire

Fire dispatchers received a number of calls that a vacant building on South Main Street had exploded and was on fire. They describe the explosion as very violent.

As fire units responded to the scene, a column of thick black smoke was seen in the sky and as they approached the area on Main Street, the street was littered with debris from the explosion such as broken glass, heavy metal and concrete block.

Instead of a building, firefighters found it was a Nevada Energy substation surrounded by a concrete block wall which had the appearance of being a building. The electric transformers inside the walls were on fire. Continue reading Two People Hurt During Downtown Two Alarm Explosion and Fire

Las Vegas Graduates 16 New Fire Recruits

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Sixteen firefighter recruits, who have completed intensive training over the past several weeks, will graduate Thursday afternoon.  They will be assigned to various city fire stations to help strengthen the number of firefighters in the city of Las Vegas.

        The recruits started training in October of 2007 and when they graduate their certifications will include the Nevada State Fire Marshal Firefighter two certification, State of Nevada Emergency Medical Technician – Intermediate and Hazardous Materials Operations certification. 

 WC911: Congratulations to the new rookies!