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Influence of Norco firefighter’s union on elections debated

th_Firefighters Logo color[1].JPGA Norco firefighters labor group is defending its right to campaign in local elections amid concerns that its members, who mostly live outside of the city, unfairly influence campaigns.The issue of unions investing significant money and time in local elections is not new to California cities, some of which have tried to limit their involvement, according to the citizens group California Common Cause. In defense of the practice, union organizers and some local candidates argue that lobbying groups have a constitutional right to support candidates making decisions that directly affect their professions.At a recent Norco City Council meeting, Richard Hallam, chair of the Parks, Recreation and Community Services Commission, told the council he was concerned that the Norco Firefighters Association wields too strong of an influence in city elections and poses a conflict of interest partly because most of its members do not live in the city.”They have so much money to give to candidates and they put up big signs saying Norco Firefighters Association endorses such and such candidates,” said Hallam, mentioning this year is another election year. “It’s an unfair advantage for the people they endorse… Why don’t they let the citizens of Norco elect who they want to elect?” Continue reading Influence of Norco firefighter’s union on elections debated