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Hot Shots of The Month – San Bernardino

Here are our selected photos for this month.  These were submitted by FF/PM John Miller from the SBFD.

    arden1.JPG  arden3.JPG  arden5.JPG

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Two Adjacent Apartment Buildings Catch Fire – San Bernardino

First-Hand Account 

arden5.JPG  arden4.JPG  arden3.JPG  arden1.JPG  arden11708.JPG  arden11708a.JPG  There was an impressive amount of flames reaching for the sky as we turned the corner.  Two 4-plex apartment buildings were heavily involved in fire.  We were the third unit on scene.  We went to work protecting the exposures since these were so well involved by the time we arrived.  The typical SoCal high winds were doing what they do.  We had everything well under control in just over 30 minutes.  What a way to start the day.             

Here’s more from the official press release…. Continue reading Two Adjacent Apartment Buildings Catch Fire – San Bernardino