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50+ violations found at burned San Bernardino apartment

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. (KABC) — There were more than 50 code violations at the San Bernardino apartment complex where a fire destroyed 26 units, according to a report. The fire broke out Sunday in the 400 block of South Mount Vernon. Seven people suffered minor injuries and about 125 residents were displaced. Code enforcement officials said violations included exposed electrical wires and electric stoves not working properly, which possibly caused sparks, according to the San Bernardino Sun. Investigators are still looking into what started the fire that caused more than $1 million in damage.
Story by: ABC.COM

101 Year Old Women Transported to Hospital after 5am Fire

The first unit on scene found heavy fire involvement with 50 foot flame lengths to the rear of the home that had worked its way into the structure. An aggressive exterior attack as well as a coordinated interior attack contained the damage to the rear portion of the house. Two residents were home at the time but exited unharmed. The 101 year old female was transported to a local area hospital for observation. Both residents were displaced due to the damage that was sustained by the fire, Red Cross was requested for the individuals. The cause of the fire was a possible candle left unattended to the rear of the structure.

Contact: Mike Arvizo, Public Information Officer
Date: August 6th, 2010
Location: 975 S. Lincoln, San Bernardino, CA
Time of the call: 05:14 am
First Unit on the scene: ME-230 at 05:19
Number of Units: 5
Number of Firefighters: 18
Injuries: 101 y/o female transported for smoke inhalation
Fatalities: None
Property Loss/Damage: $80,000 structure and contents
Property Saved: $45,000

Source: SB City Blogspot

“Black Friday” hits North-end home in San Bernardino

Station121Additional information: San Bernardino City Firefighters were initially dispatched to a “smoke investigation”, the single engine company encountered fairly heavy, low hanging smoke, throughout the neighborhood. After several minutes investigating the area the engine company determined the source of smoke was being generated from a single family residential home. The company officer on the responding engine immediately requested back-up by calling for a full structure response to there location. Once additional fire equipment arrived on scene firefighters were able to engage in an aggressive fire attack. The fire was located at 3:49 am and brought under control within 11 minutes. Continue reading “Black Friday” hits North-end home in San Bernardino

Two Homes Burn in SB City Neighborhood

blobfetch.aspEarly this morning, firefighters from the San Bernardino City Fire Department responded to a report of a structure fire. Arriving units found flames coming from the rear of a house. Smoke could be seen covering the neighborhood homes as fire department units arrived. The home was vacant and secured with a “For Rent” sign in the front yard. Fire units quickly extinguished the fire that was possibly started by a trash-can burning next to the structure and below a patio cover. The fire spread into the attic of the home. While firefighters worked to extinguish the flames a second report came from a neighbor that there was smoke in her home. The quick action from the units on-scene kept the damage to the second home minimal. Another smaller trash can was found burning next to the woman’s rear wood garage door. Both fires are under investigation and were very similar in how they were started.

Contact: PIO Steve Tracy
Contact Number: 909-646-2616
Date: November 15, 2009
Location: 1423 Bussey Street.
Time of the call: 12:30 A.M.
First Unit on the scene: ME-223
Number of Units: 6
Number of Firefighters: 18
Injuries: 0
Fatalities: 0

Story from: SB City Blogspot

Vacant Home Burns Under Suspicious Conditions

getwell_copy_cvMainSan Bernardino City Fire Department responded to a reported fire in the 300 block of West 9th Street. The first unit arrived within four minutes and reported a working structure fire in a vacant residence. Firefighters employed a defensive strategy until initial knockdown was achieved. As second alarm units arrived, firefighters switched to an offensive strategy achieving complete fire control within thirty minutes. The fire was deemed suspicious in nature and is currently under investigation.blobfetch.asp
Date: August 18, 2009
Location: 300 Block of West 9th Street.
Time of the call: 9:18 P.M.
First Unit on the scene: Battalion 603
Number of Units: 11
Number of Firefighters: 32
Injuries: 0
Fatalities: 0
Property Loss/Damage: $ 30,000.00
Contents Loss: 0
Property Saved: $ 150,000.00
Story by: Press Release PIO Yellen

Fire scorches 60 acres, damages homes on Little Mountain

20090720_112215_a1SAN BERNARDINO – An arsonist is suspected of starting a 60-acre wildfire that started in an upscale neighborhood on Little Mountain and quickly spread over brush-covered hills, burning at least one outbuilding and damaging several homes. Firefighters estimated they had the blaze about 85 percent contained by 8:30 p.m. A handful of fire crews were going to be stationed overnight – “just in case,” San Bernardino Fire Battalion Chief Howard Bennett said. More than 100 firefighters were summoned to the fire, which started about 5:20 p.m. on Ridgehill Drive. Theyformed a solid line around houses and beat back flames that came within feet of homes.3371340231_53aee20980 Click to see video
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San Bernardino City Firefighters make quick stop on residential fire

Fire engines 2Units from the City of San Bernardino Fire Department and the San Manuel Fire Department responded to a structure fire in the 6600 block of Elm Avenue. Engine Company 228 returning from another response around the corner noted the smoke and arrived within seconds, as 911 operators received the calls for help. First arriving units encountered heavy smoke and fire breaking through the bedroom windows of a single story home. A search of the residence for victims revealed the home was unoccupied at the time of the fire. The fire was quickly extinguished and confined to the room of origin. Sheriff’s Dept. investigators as well as San Bernardino Fire Dept. Canine detection unit remained on scene to investigate. The exact cause of the fire remains under investigation.

Date: July 14, 2009
Location: 6625 Elm Ave – Unincorporated San Bernardino
Time of the call: 17:23 PM
First Unit on the scene: ME-228
Number of Units: 7 Engines, 2 Trucks, and 2 Battalion Chiefs
Number of Firefighters: 25 Firefighters
Injuries: 0
Fatalities: 0
Property Loss/Damage: $35,000
Contents Loss: $10,000
Property Saved: $250,000

PIO Release SBCity blog spot


The SBFD “Apparatus Committee” was recently back in Appleton, Wisconsin at the Pierce Factory working with Sales Rep Kevin Newell. Currently, the San Bernardino City Fire Department is in the process of purchasing seven fire engines and two aerial ladder trucks from Pierce Manufacturing, Inc.. The SBFD is purchasing seven PUC’s with the Arrow XT chassis and two tractor drawn aerial ladder trucks, also with the Arrow XT

The SBFD and it’s current fleet, which is almost entirely Pierce is looking to replace seven of the twelve front line engines that were last purchased in 1999. The SBFD is a very busy fire department and four of the seven engines, currently have over a 100,000 miles on them. Battalion Chief Mike Alder and Denis Moon head up the committee, which consists of two Captains (Kevin Bathgate & Dan Harker), two Engineers (Jim Davis & Pat Burton), and one Fire Mechanic (Tony Zamora). Mike and Denis have been involved in the apparatus specification process for the SBFD since 1990 and have learned a lot over the years and have seen quite a few technological changes. The SBFD apparatus committee is really looking forward to taking delivery of the seven engines and two trucks. For the first time, they have been able to build an engine that will have the type of compartmentation that they need for their firefighting and ALS demands as well as a 178″ wheel base that they need for maneuverability”.

SBFD Apparatus Committee SBFD Apparatus Committee Pierce Sales Rep SBFD Apparatus Committee SBFD Apparatus Committee

Some of the other issues that they were dealing with had to do with firefighting efficiency and safety. As popular as the SCBA seats are in the fire service they had observed problems with seat belt use while responding to fires. The committee along with the fire department staff felt that it is very difficult to wear the seat belt and the bottle at the same time. They removed the bottles and placed them in a compartment and attempted to give their personnel more leg room and comfort. At the same time it, they will eliminate the problem of the Captain trying to get his/her bottle on quickly and catch up with two other firefighters that are more than ready to get inside the building.

Another big change was the elimination of pre-connected attack lines and replaced with a manifold system that allows for very simple hose deployment and a more systematic and efficient charging of the attack lines. The PUC also has pump and roll capability.

The two tractor drawn aerial ladders have a medium duty 250 lb tip load Pierce aerial ladder and they eliminated the use of a pre-plumbed waterway. The apparatus committee felt that the vast majority of their aerial ladder use was to access the roof of a building for ventilation and the pre-plumbed waterway made it more difficult to quickly ladder buildings, always having to be aware of the pinnable waterway location. In the rare event that the SBFD has to resort to a “Ladder-Pipe” operation, the deployment of the 3″ hose may be a little slower but at that point what is the big hurry?

The SBFD should be taking delivery of four engines and one truck at the end of May and the delivery of the other three engines and the other truck at the end of June. If you have any questions regarding the apparatus specs and the thought process behind the decisions that were made for the development of the PUC and the Tractor Drawn Aerials please feel free to contact Battalion Chief’s Mike Alder or Denis Moon at 909-384-5279 or you can also contact the Pierce Sales Rep Kevin Newell (South Coast Fire Equipment) at 909-673-9900.

San Bernardino City Firefighters Battle 2 Alarm Structure Fire

First-Hand Account 

sbfd_20th_st_-1small.JPG  sbfd_20th_st_-_tonysmall.JPG      

When the first SBFD unit arrived they saw heavy smoke and fire coming from the inside and 20 ft flames coming from the 2nd story windows of a vacant 3000 square foot two story home.  Firefighters made entry through the front door and extinguished the fire on the first floor while other crews simultaneously assisted them with extinguishing the 2 floor.  “Conditions were very hot… Continue reading San Bernardino City Firefighters Battle 2 Alarm Structure Fire