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Off-duty San Bernardino County Firefighters help extinguish house fire

sbcopatchSPRING VALLEY LAKE • Three off-duty firefighters helped an elderly man put out a fire that destroyed his kitchen around 12 a.m. Wednesday, officials said. The elderly man, whose identity has not been released, returned to his home late Tuesday to his smoke detector blaring and kitchen ablaze, said Tracey Martinez, spokeswoman for the San Bernardino County Fire Department. The man began trying to put the fire out by filling a pot from the kitchen sink, Martinez said, when he was escorted off the property by three off-duty firefighters who happened to hear the alarm and spot smoke coming from the one-story home in the 13000 block of Greensboro Road. Two of the off-duty firefighters, Cliff Brackin and Jesse Martinez, work for San Bernardino County Fire, and the third works out of the area, Martinez said. VCVFire.xmas07.Martinez/Villarino

When Spring Valley Lake station firefighters entered the home, Martinez said they struggled to get to the fire because the home was “pretty packed with items.” “It did hinder firefighter efforts initially, however firefighters were able to take charge and contain the fire,” Martinez said. Officials warn residents to maintain open walkways in their homes and avoid large piles of items. In this case, firefighters had to tear down parts of the ceiling to prevent the fire from spreading, but contained the fire to the large kitchen of the roughly 2,500-square-foot home, Martinez said. Officials are still investigating the cause of the fire, which Martinez said resulted in about $50,000 in fire and smoke damage.

Story by: Victorville Daily Press

SBCo FD hopes to fund station with stimulus money

northd_station10SAN BERNARDINO • The San Bernardino County Fire Department is applying for stimulus funds to pay for the construction of a fire station in Amboy that will reduce emergency response time on Interstate 40. The San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to authorize San Bernardino County Fire Chief Pat Dennen to apply for federal funds Tuesday. The funds will pay for the construction of fire stations near Big Bear, 29 Palms and Amboy, a city about 85 miles east of Barstow off of Interstate 40. The proposed Amboy station would handle fires, car accidents and other emergency situations on the freeway. There are no fire stations on Interstate 40 between Newberry Springs and Needles, according to Dennen. Dennen said the Newberry Springs Fire Department runs calls on Interstate 40 when they have resources available. The county fire stations in Harvard and Needles can take more than an hour to respond to service calls on Interstate 40 due to the distance the fire engines have to cover.20071004_sbcfire_st79 Continue reading SBCo FD hopes to fund station with stimulus money