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Be Pro-Active With Security Bars – San Bernardino House Fire

station1.jpg On January 9, 2008, at approx. 0400 Hours, seven units from the San Bernardino City Fire Department responded to the 1400 block of North Sepulveda the structure was a single story single family dwelling with fire blowing out of the front three windows, which alerted the neighbors of the near by residents. City fire crews immediately conducted a search of the involved structure, with no one being found in the house. This could have been a very different story due to illegal security bars found on all windows and doors that would have prevented anyone from being able to escape. Information on this fire was provided by PIO Capt. Kevin Whitaker who was onscene of the fire with in minutes of it’s dispatch.

I believe we got lucky on this one. We have all seen in years past how illegal security bars can cost people’s life’s when they become trapped behind the
flames and have no other means of egress but through there bedroom windows. This should be something that we all should keep an eye out for as we respond to EMS calls to peoples homes. This is also why performing a 360 around every fire is a good practice. Getting someone from the truck company to perform forcible entry asap on these fires with security bars is critical.

Charge hard but be safe!!! Scuba out! – San Bernardino