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CPR Mask Face Shield, Clear

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The CPR Face Shield Mask by LINE2design is created perfectly to protect the rescuer while at the same time allow the rescuer to perform proper CPR according to established guidelines and procedures. The permeable plastic filter prevents the rescuer from ingesting harmful bacteria and toxins.


  • Hard plastic mouth piece
  • Travel size bag
  • Permeable plastic
  • Instructions on shield


  • Provides step-by-step instructions    
  • Allows you to administer breathing without physical contact
  • Ideal for adults and children of all ages

Ideal Uses:

  • Lifeguard
  • EMT
  • Hospitals
  • Layperson

Instructions for use:

Tilt patient’s head back, place mask over the patient’s mouth, pinch the patient’s nostrils and blow into the mouth 3 times every 4 seconds.