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Truckman 69120 Fire/Demolition Axe

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The TRUCKMAN AXE, made of forged polished steel, is stress relieved and induction heat-treated. The ergonomically designed fiberglass core handle is 19-1/2-Inch, with a curved polypropylene jacket. The head to handle assembly uses a reverse tapered eyehole secured with an exclusive proprietary epoxy system. The TRUCKMAN AXE head is guaranteed not to come loose or separate under the toughest working conditions. The handle withstands over 10,000-Pound of force. The TRUCKMAN AXE weighs under 3-Pound and is center balanced like a framing hammer. Scabbard is Fire Resistant Cotton. The TRUCKMAN AXE is a tool that does all this and more: Easily pierces and removes wall and ceiling materials (sheet rock and plaster lath); Chips, pries, gouges, tears, and acts as a lever; Removes trim, window, and door jams; Removes and cuts through roofing, siding materials and metal sheeting; Cuts through wires (dielectric properties of over 100,000 volts); Nail puller/Pry bar.

  • Epoxy Bonded-head will not separate from handle
  • Polypropylene jacketed handle reduces vibration
  • Polished steel head
  • Center balanced like a framing hammer
  • Use for demolition, gutting, remodeling