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LINE2design Emergency Medical Scoop Stretcher, Adjustable Length with Two Black Safety Straps

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The LINE2design Emergency Medical Scoop Stretcher is used to transport patients with fractures or injuries to a safe environment. The medical scoop stretcher has a breakaway hinge mechanism at each of the stretcher, with a push button to separate the scoop stretcher into two parts. Our design allows for easy locking and unlocking, which is ideal for emergency medical situations.

The LINE2design scoop stretcher also has a feature to adjust the overall length, which can help reduce further injury to the patient, allowing first-aid and EMS personnel to secure and un-secure a patient from the stretcher without moving them on and off the stretcher. The length of the scoop stretcher can be adjusted according to patients’ body height. Our medical adjustable scoop stretcher is made of high-strength aluminum alloy materials, making it light-weighted, easy to carry and use safely, and easy for sterilization and cleaning.

Size: 67 x 19 x 4 inches