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Quick-Draw Leather Scabbard And Belt by American Rescue Gear

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The Quick-Draw leather axe scabbard by American Rescue Gear is hand-crafted with the high quality top-grain leather.

The unique design of this scabbard allows you to quickly deploy or stow your axe without having to feed it through the traditional cradle style axe scabbard. Simply peel back the heavy duty Velcro closure and draw or stow your axe in the same manner a pistol holster functions.

These Fire Axe scabbards are manufactured by Americans right here in the United States. This item is a perfect accessory to the 6lb pick-head axes made by Fire Axe Inc.. These very special scabbards are custom made for Fire Axe Inc.'s Firefighter Axes. The natural finished leather looks better and better with use and age.

This scabbard is double stitched and riveted to provide maximum strength and protection against your axe's pick and blade. The heavy duty Velcro closure ensures excellent stowing by securely fastening against the pick end of your fire axe. The extra thick, 2-3/4" wide belt is made to comfortably fit around your turnout coat waist or over your shoulder.

A non-locking friction swivel comes standard with this belt to allow you to position the axe handle where you want it.

Please select your waist size. Scabbard waist size includes turnout size  compensation.

For a 6-lb pick only